How Much Does Website Design Cost in Ghana

Having an online presence is vital. Yet, many Ghanaian businesses grapple with the question of how much to invest in website design. With pricing varying widely across the sector and some agencies even quoting in US dollars, the lack of standardized pricing poses a challenge for business owners. This article aims to shed light on website design costs in Ghana, providing clarity for those considering hiring web design agencies.

Essential Components of a Web Design Project

Every web design project involves fundamental expenses, primarily centered around domain name registration and website hosting.

Domain Name Registration in Ghana: Prices for domain registration (.com, .net, .org) typically range around GH₵60. However, domains, exclusive to registered Ghanaian businesses, can cost approximately GH₵400 per year.

Web Hosting Packages: Basic hosting packages for business websites or blogs start from GH₵30 per month, while standard packages for ecommerce sites range around GH₵420 per year.

Choosing Between Custom Design and WordPress

Web design costs vary based on client preferences. While custom designs may reach up to GH₵2000, WordPress sites offer a more affordable option, averaging around GH₵1000, excluding additional services.

Supplementary Services

Additional services like analytics integration, social media integration, email configuration, SEO, and support & maintenance may incur extra charges, typically ranging from GH₵30 to GH₵100 per service.


In summary, establishing a business website in Ghana can cost between GH₵1000 to GH₵2000. These figures are subject to change and depend on various factors.

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