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Ghana Website Design

How Much Does Website Design Cost in Ghana

Having an online presence is vital. Yet, many Ghanaian businesses grapple with the question of how much to invest in website design. With pricing varying widely across the sector and…
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The Importance of Having a Mobile Optimized Website

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become the go-to for browsing the internet. Surprisingly, more searches are now conducted on mobiles than on computers. Statistics from Statista reveal that…
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10 Core Elements for Modern Web Design in 2024

What is Modern Web Design? Modern web design is all about creating websites that prioritize user experience, aesthetics, and functionality. It's about making sure that when people visit a site,…
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Four Critical Web Design Rules

By: Nicholas LaPolla "Content is King! If you want a website to generate back-links and have quality content the search engines love, be sure to make it readable by both…
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Royalty Free Music In Webdesign

By: Russell Brewer Online commercial music is everywhere! New and innovative audio applications include background music for Podcasts, Flash developers, Backing tracks for video, Independent Films, Documentaries, Narratives, Animation Sequencing,…
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What is the color of your website?

By: Shawn Davari Psychology behind the colors that can make or break your website's success. Did you know that the values associated with colors can have a significant impact on…
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How to Optimise Web Pages for AdSense Ads

By: Balraj BaaLee If you are using Google AdSense or any similar program for earning revenue from your web site, then it is high time you realize the secrets of…
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You Can’t Have My Money!

By: If you are a business and expect to be taken seriously on the Internet, you need to shape up and project a professional image. Please don't think this…
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Maintaining your company’s website

By: Pegasus Internet technology has progressed by leaps and bounds resulting in number of websites being launched on the internet. When the website gets firmly established on the net your…
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