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Mobileum Telecom Software partner for Ghana

We are a local partner of Mobileum. Mobileum is a leading provider of Telecom analytics solutions for roaming, core network, security, risk management, domestic and international connectivity testing, and customer intelligence.

In July 2020, Mobileum acquired Sigos, a leading German telecom software services company. This acquisition made Mobileum a global leader providing mobile operators with anti-fraud and revenue assurance managed service solutions.

Hapaweb Solutions an existing Google and Microsoft partner joined the Mobileum family in 2021 as its local (Ghana) partner to offer both software that was previously owned by Sigos and Mobileum’s own suite of software to telecom and telecom-related companies.

Revenue assurance

End-to-end approach for monitoring and control revenue leakage in telecom environments due to misaligned usage record errors

Audit the service usage for Revenue Assurance purposes

As demand for data and for digital services grows, operators face a continuous balancing act around investment in networks, spectrum, software and services. This leads operators into having to manage a multitude of separate vendor environments, often resulting in a complicated maze of silos connected by inefficient manual processes. This complexity can lead to problems capturing, correlating, tracking and billing individual usage events.
RAID Usage Control ensures the integrity, accuracy and timeliness of information derived from the network through to the billing system for each customer-configured service.

Stop the struggle of monitoring and auditing partner billing and settlements

RAID Usage Assurance enables CSPs to track, measure and audit network event generation for wholesale settlement of third-party traffic, such as interconnection and roaming voice, SMS and data services coming from other operators, as well as content coming from agreements with other value-added service providers (VASP). RAID Usage Assurance is a highly versatile solution, providing various interfaces to digital content platforms and marketplaces, allowing operators to monitor and audit the usage of other value added services, such as:

  • Music subscriptions
  • TV Shows and Movies
  • Mobile Money
  • transaction validation and settlement
  • Mobile Gaming and Apps

Service bundling, data and IoT services open up a direct link to new areas of leakage

Billions of network events are generated by telecom subscribers around the world every day. Every call, text, email or download can create hundreds of individual events that need to be captured, correlated, tracked and billed. Moreover, the quantity and complexity are only increasing – with new services, content, partners and devices being introduced daily. Tracking and measuring these events are how service providers bill their subscribers and partners, and it all needs to be done correctly – because mistakes equate to either lost revenue, or overbilled (and unhappy) customers.
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Rating and billing validation

Ensure accurate rating and billing to maximize monthly recurring revenue

Eliminate tariff and billing errors by monitoring products and service bundles

RAID Rating and Billing Validation (RBV) provides an automated auditing mechanism that simplifies the complex tasks around rating and charging in a multi-partner and multi-price service provider environment. For communication service providers (CSPs) that want to quickly release, promote and discount services based upon a customer’s unique preferences, while simultaneously encouraging the use of additional revenue-generating applications, RAID RBV delivers auditing controls that prevent revenue leakage and enhance the customer experience.
RAID Usage Control ensures the integrity, accuracy and timeliness of information derived from the network through to the billing system for each customer-configured service.

A scalable and robust solution for billing and rating validation

Converged billing with real-time rating and charging enables CSPs to create innovative, customer-centric propositions, providing differentiation in a competitive market.

Mobileum’s RBV can effectively respond to the CSP’s billing accuracy needs, whether they are simple (e.g. one-time fee, recurring flat fee), or complex (e.g. using promotions, discounts, adjustments, or credits) and independent of the customer type (prepaid, postpaid, or hybrid).

Full traceability of the billing process

Rating & Billing Validation (RBV) monitors the billing process by validating billing data against historical and statistical data, or against other preferred data sources, to assure invoice accuracy. Built-in aggregated validations guarantee high performance in the analysis of invoices, while detailed validations allow drill down into the source of the problem. With Rating and Billing Validation, CSPs are able to control revenue leakage due to billing and invoicing problems, and efficiently track and correct the underlying errors. Tracking and measuring these events are how service providers bill their subscribers and partners, and it all needs to be done correctly – because mistakes equate to either lost revenue, or overbilled (and unhappy) customers.
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Roam Flow

Enabling uninterrupted roaming services during 2G/3G sunset

2G/3G sunset can impact CSPs business along with their subscribers

The decision of phasing out 2G and 3G represents a major business and technological upheaval that is already impacting CSPs business along with their subscribers around the world. While this sunset is promising, reducing network complexity and opening ground for new services, shutting down these legacy systems and their subsequent transition to new and advanced generations (4G/5G) will create significant challenges for CSPs roaming business both in terms of revenue loss as well as service outage for roaming subscribers.

Safeguard your inbound roaming revenue by accommodating inbound VoLTE roamers when you have no VoLTE roaming agreements

Network interworking functionality allows two or more networks to talk to each other, in order to deliver services across networks. Mobileum’s RoamFlow solution is an interworking product, to address the lack of VoLTE roaming agreements in mobile network operators.

Mobileum’s RoamFlow solution can enable VoLTE for subscribers even when there is no VoLTE Roaming agreement in place by acting as a translator between VoLTE and legacy circuit-switched (CS) systems. Moreover, RoamFlow will work for any subscriber with a VoLTE capable device. As the number of 2G and 3G sunsets worldwide tends to increase, interworking functionalities such as the one offered by RoamFlow can help operators without a 2G or 3G network, to increase their inbound traffic and revenue, as well indirectly boost their negotiations capability for wholesale rates for outbound traffic.

RoamFlow offers unique features for CSPs

1. Support for both inbound and outbound roaming.
2. Support for prepaid (CAMEL) and postpaid MO Calls.
3. Support for MO and MT SMS over LTE.
4. MT Call and call forwarding support.
5. Completely transparent to home network.
6. Modular solution with IMS core, PGW, PCRF, virtual HSS, virtual MSC, virtual VLR and requirement interworking functions. Flexibility to deploy full solution or integrate with operators PGW and/or IMSI core.
7. Call and SMS usage CDR adaptations for seamless integration with billing systems.
8. Emergency calls and LI work seamlessly.

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Mobile money

Review your Mobile Money risk management strategy: ensure long-term effectiveness.

Mobile Money (MoMo) Risk Management

As the reach and impact of mobile money increases, so too do the demands placed on risk management controls that underpin mobile money. In their quest for business growth, mobile money providers and other users of their platforms, including banks, need to implement the appropriate controls that strike an appropriate balance between risk management and other business objectives. In the end, all stakeholders need to be prepared for the risks as they emerge and put early warning mechanisms in place to identify and control illegal activities.

Revenue assurance controls to mitigate risk in mobile money

Monitoring is critical to the success of risk management. As mobile money deployments evolve, product offerings increase and customer bases grow, the associated controls will also need to be reviewed to ensure on-going effectiveness.

Ensure that proper controls are in place to guarantee that all transactions occurred correctly, and there were no mistakes during settlement processes, by monitoring the entire MoMo value chain, during the calculation of charges, taxes, fees, and commissions.

Verify and confirm identity documents in near real-time (KYC)

As part of RAID:FMS for Mobile Money, Mobileum offers a multi-layered authentication approach for better fraud control and customer experience, through a partnership with a leading online electronic identity verification (eIDV) platform. The document verification algorithms perform checks to determine authenticity and legitimacy, as well as to ensure that a document is not forged or altered, delivering an integrated identity validation check to better manage fraud risk across the entire customer life cycle. The multi-layered, risk-based approach leverages disparate data assets, intelligent analytics, predictive decision policies, and knowledge-based authentication to protect your business and enable effective account opening, identity verification, and regulatory compliance.
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