Enable Google Bard for users on Google Workspace.

So Google Bard has been out for a couple of weeks now. Although I signed up for early access, I was not accepted into the early access programme. Then this morning, when I opened my Google Chrome browser – bam! I saw a message that Bard was now available for everyone! I clicked on it […]

Restore a user’s Google Drive or Gmail data

There are times it does become necessary that as the Google Apps Adminstrator, you need to restore a user’s deleted Gmail or Drive files. I am referring to those Gmail mails which have been deleted for the Trash bin Drive files that have been permanently deleted. The Google Apps admin console enables you to restore […]

Resetting Google Apps admin email using CNAME record on cPanel

There are times you are unable to recalled your admin email address (username) or the password use for accessing your Google Apps admin panel. If you have access to to the domain’s DNS portal such as your hosting cPANEL, you will be able to recover the admin email address and reset the password. To do […]

Create a Google Account Without a Gmail Address

Quite a number of people have the misconception that you need to have a gmail email address to be able to use Google services such as YouTube, Blogger etc. What you actaully need is a Google account. All gmail email addresses are automatically Google accounts, yet you can have a Google account with any other […]

Google Apps: How to set up your MX record for dual delivery on cPanel

I assume the following That you have already signed up for Google Apps (you can contact us if you want us to help you set up Google Apps for your domain). That you have verified your domain. See Google Apps: How to verify your domain name using cPanel if you have not done so. That […]

5 Ways to Increase the PHP Memory Limit in WordPress

In a number of cases such as when you install a lot of plugins, upgrade to the latest WordPress version or even you’ll find an error in your Dashboard widget which prevents them from loading fully, your WordPress site may display the ‘Fatal Error :Memory Size Exhausted’ message. Below is slightly edited article from dailyblogging.org […]