The Versatility of Google Drive Explained1-Part 3 (Difference between My Drive and Shared Drive)

Okay so let’s set the record straight about the difference between My Drive and Shared Drive!
A shared drive is a shared space that allows teams to store, search, and access files anywhere from any device. Unlike My Drive, Shared Drive belongs to an entire team instead of one Individual.

7 Differences between My Drive and Shared Drive

1Who can add files?The person who owns My drive Any member with contributor access or higher

2Who owns the files and folders?The Individual who created the file or folder

The team

3Can I move files? Yes
Yes, if you are the owner of the file and have the role of Manager, Content Manager, or Contributor in the shared drive. 

4What types of files can I add?All types of flies

All file types (except Google Maps and Data Studio reports).
5Sharing?Different users might see different files in a folder, depending on their access to individual files.

All members of the shared drive see all files.
6How long do deleted files stay in trash?Files in the My Drive trash folder are not automatically deleted and can be restored.Each shared drive has its own trash. Only members with the role of Manager or Content Manager can delete files. After 30 days, all files/folders in the trash are deleted permanently. Members with the role of Manager, Content Manager, or Contributor can restore shared drive content from Trash.

7Can I restore files?Yes, if you created the file.
Yes, if you have the role of Manager, Content Manager, or Contributor in the shared drive.

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