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Google free legacy G Suite is coming to an end, users have to upgrade to Google Workspace paid version

Google’s office application now known as Google Workspace was introduced to the world in December 2006. Back then it was known as Google Apps, over the last 16 years, its name has changed from Google Apps for Business, G Suite and now Google Workspace. Back in 2006 it was free to sign up for G Suite. Though Google started the paid service a couple of years ago, users on the free legacy editions contined to enjoy one of the best prodcutivity tools at no cost. Well, those goldern days are over.

No surprises

For many of us in the Google ecosystem, this change in policy is really not suprising. While the legacy G Suite includes the well known  Gmail and Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Sites applications, that edition had a reduced set of business features. And as of December 6, 2012, Google no longer accepted new customers as it officially switched focus to its subscription-based service. So the writtings were on the wall that Google was focusing on the paid version of Google Workspace – can you blame them? 

Grace Period – rather transistion period

Google says users who decide to upgrade from May 1, 2022 will still be allowed to use their new (Google Workspace) subscription without having to pay any fee until July 1, 2022. Once you switch to Google Workspace, there is no going back: Google is shutting down G Suite’s free edition entirely. If you all crancky about paying, Google has provided a Data Export tool to export your organization’s data to an alternative service. 

How to switch to paid Google Workspace service?

Google suggested that making the swap between the free legacy edition of G Suite and Google Workspace should be seamless and won’t affect your users. Google Workspace has three plans for users to choose from: Business Starter ($6/month per user,) Business Standard ($12/month per user,) and Business Plus ($18/month per user.)  As a Google Partner we (Hapaweb Solutions) can asist you make the transition. Just get in touch.

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