5 Reasons Why You Need a Website

1. Your Competition Has A Website.
If you are in direct competition with another business that has a website, they have a clear advantage – especially if they are adequately marketing their website.

2. Your Customer are Online
Over 3.5 million Ghanaians access the internet, sooner or later; someone’s going to type your name or business into a search engine. What do you want them to find? Nothing, or worse yet, your competition? These are people who want to find you. They are looking for what you are selling, and if you don’t have a website then you’re letting them down – they expect to find you online. Can you run your business without a phone? In this “Information Age” we live in being online is vital.

3. You’re Open 24/7.
A website will allow you to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week… Many people surf the Web in the evening when most businesses are closed, but if you have a website they can find you. Is your competition open 24 hours a day, seven days a week? The world is your oyster – especially with a website, which allows your communication with audiences worldwide. Geographical locations or time zones are no longer a problem with the 24/7 availability of a website.

4. Increase Your Revenue.
With a website, you can create an online store which allows customers to place orders and even pay for their selections all via the internet. This all happens without your involvement once the website is designed and online. Your website can act exactly like a catalogue, and contain photographs and descriptions of the products or services your – or it can be more advanced and make use of some of the emerging technologies- including audio and video to fully demonstrate your products and services.
5. Affordable and Expandable Marketing.
When you compare the price of a website to the expense of creating and distributing more traditional forms of marketing materials, like newspapers and magazine ads- the cost of a website is nominal. One of the best features of a website is that you can quickly and easily change information as it changes within your business. Unlike printed materials that need to be revised and then reprinted at cost; a website allows you to change or add products and services as often as you wish in just a few steps. Also, when a website is designed well, when people type in related search terms into a search engine, your website will come up in the listings for free and allow a prospective customer to find you.

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