Google Workspace (G Suite) VS WebMail Server

At Hapaweb, we provide website development services and all our hosting comes with the default WebMail emailing applications. While this means no additional monthly or yearly email client charges for our customers, we prefer they rather sign up for Google Workspace ( Disclaimer – we are a Google Partner). The table below (courtesy provides enough reasons why Google Workspace is way superior to WebMail.

Point of DifferenceWeb-Mail ServerGoogle Suite
Space ProvidedDepends on the service provider30 GB (Free) + Additional storage of up to 30 TB (Chargeable) for Business or Enterprise: Unlimited Storage for 5 users and Higher.
Attachable File Space10-25 MB25 MB
Real-Time CommunicationNA2000 Internal Recipient 500 External Recipient. Hangout Chat. Case Study: Surya Roshni Limited Hangout Meet.
MDM ServiceNAYes
Mobility and SyncNAYes
Admin Console + Security FeaturesMaster Control Panel to create/delete email idsComplete Control over the Domain and Users
Disaster Recovery SystemNoYes
Cloud PlatformYesYes
SocializingNoAdministrators can enable the Google+ feature to enhance the social connections between business professionals.
Real-time CollaborationNADocs, Sheet, Sites, Slides, and forms. (Pre Installed<Apps)
Availability Third-Party toolsNAMany Tools
Support AvailabilityTelephonic and Email Support from the service providerFrom both Google Side as well as Partner Side
BackupCan retrieve deleted messages for up to 14 days.Google Vault, Unlimited Storage + Indefinite
Spam FilterYesDomain Black Listing, Email Blacklisting
Cloud PlatformNAGoogle Cloud Platform
Protocols SupportedIMAP & POP Supported (SSL & TLS)IMAP & POP Supported (SSL & TLS)
API IntegrationNAYes
Smart ComposeNAYes
Mailbox DelegationNAYes
SSO for other ApplicationsNAYes
Data Center and Server OptionsLimited32 Data centers and above 2.5 million servers
Drive for TeamsNAYes
1 to 1 or Group ChatsNAYes
Integration with Video Conferencing ToolNAYes
Calendar DelegationNAYes
Address BookNAYes
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