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5 ways Microsoft 365 improves business productivity

If you are considering purchasing Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365) this article is for you. In this article, I’ll share five ways Microsoft 365 will take your business forward by enhancing your productivity.

1. Work from your mobile device with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (Office 365) allows you to have fully installed Office applications on tablets, phones, and desktop computers. This brings the mobile culture to the workplace so that employees can access files and complete tasks faster, from different devices, and in different conditions: on the beach, traveling on a train, or sitting at your office desk without compromising quality or deadlines.

2. Reduced downtime

Using the tools does not require any physical installation, special software licensing, or trained engineers. As the whole suite is cloud-based, there is no required monthly maintenance or updates. This eliminates the downtime usually associated with those activities and helps the business run smoothly.

3. Already-familiar tools with Microsoft 365 Office ProPlus

Most people started using the computer by learning how to use Micosoft’s Office application installed on a PC such as Microsoft Word. Microsoft 365 consists of the already known and well-used Microsoft Office enterprise and business tools. Your team can quickly adapt with little or no extra training.

4. Cloud-based shared storage with SharePoint Online

Microsoft 365 eliminates the need for duplicate files. Multiple versions of the same documents will no longer exist since employees can securely store files in the cloud, share and access them anytime and anywhere in the world easily.

5. A secure work environment with Enterprise Mobility and Security

Who is not concerned about secutity and safety? With Microsoft business and customer data is a priority. Data is the new currency, making cybersecurity an essential part of your business. Microsoft 365 provides extra layers of security through EM+S, reducing the possibility of a breach of your business data, putting you steps ahead of hackers and attacks.


These are just a few of many productivity benefits of Microsoft 365. If you are planning to migrate your business to Microsoft 365, contact us, as a Microsoft partner in Ghana, we can make it easy for you to get started.

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