Google Workspace (G Suite) VS WebMail Server

At Hapaweb, we provide website development services and all our hosting comes with the default WebMail emailing applications. While this means no additional monthly or yearly email client charges for our customers, we prefer they rather sign up for Google Workspace ( Disclaimer – we are a Google Partner). The table below (courtesy provides […]

Google Workspace now allows Group membership expiration

Most Google Workspace (Formally Google G Suite) administrators know the power and versatility of Google Groups. It is one of the key features why we at Hapaweb Solutions (a local Google partner in Ghana) love Google Workspace. But one challenge we ourselves and our clients grapple with is managing the membership of groups. The IT […]

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of GMail for Business

Managing email is a tedious yet necessary daily task for many people and businesses. But if you’re one of the 1.5 billion people using Google’s Gmail service, there are several time-saving features at your disposal you might not be aware of that can alleviate some of this burden. In addition to the mail, task and […]

Google will be shutting down App Maker completely in 2021

Why the shutdown?  Due to low usage, Google App Maker will be turned down gradually over the course of 2020 and officially shut down on January 19, 2021. Prior to the shutdown, you’ll need to review App Maker usage in your domain and take any necessary action. This means developers, administrators and users will no […]

Google G Suite – How to use Google Keep

Google Keep is one of several little known diamonds in Google’s suite of applications. Keep makes organising information a very extremely easy task. At Hapaweb many of our staff members use Google to make notes at meetings and as a digital to-do-list. Like all other Google Apps, Keeps is cross-platform and can be used on […]

Getting Started With Google Takeout (Part 1)

What is Google Takeout? Google Takeout is a service that Google offers its users to make it easy to export and download your data. It is a simple and effective tool for downloading data from all the Google Apps associated with your account in A zipped file format. Regardless of whether you’re making various reinforcements […]

Getting Started With Google Takeout (Part 2)

How to Export data using google takeout. The easiest way to use Google Takeout is to head over to the dashboard All the Google products are selected by default. To download data from a particular set of products, click on the “SELECT NONE” button. To select the products for downloading data, click on the […]

5 ways to reduce your Google Workspace (G Suite ) annual renewal cost.

Every organisation seeks to reduce costs in the most realistic way possible to increase profitability. Labour related costs are one of the biggest costs of many organisations. Google Workspace (G Suite ) licenses are one of those labour related costs that are paid per head and as such the annual renewal fees can be quite […]