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A2Z on Google Calendar -Part 1

    Why we all need a Google Calendar

In this era where lots of things are looking for your attention, keeping track of every aspect of your life and staying on top of it is far from just keeping a simple to-do list. 
Many of the things we note down are left undone because of “regular” emergencies. This leaves us with an unending list of things to be done. Things that seem simple actually end up being complex. 

This is where the Google Calendar comes in handy.  This unique App is designed with various features to help you stay in control of your schedules. The Google Calendar is available to anyone who opens a Gmail account. It comes with a number of features, some you may be familiar with whilst others may be a little under-the-radar. 

7 Key features of Google Calendar

  1. Firstly and most commonly used is to schedule events. This feature allows for both one-time activities as well as recurring events. What’s more? The organiser of the event can add guests by sending an invitation either one-by-one or adding a mail list if it’s a large group of people.  This means Team heads can create a recurring staff meeting and send invitations to others.
  1. Moreover, you can add the exact location of the event since it integrates with Google Map. So the guests can see the exact location for example “Kumasi City Mall” and how to get there. Closely related to the above is the option to create a reminder, select the frequency for it and add a note. 
  1. Again organisers of the meeting can attach relevant documents to the scheduled meeting so attendees can have access to it. Like we normally do here at Hapaweb, agenda for our weekly staff meetings are attached to the scheduled meeting so team members can have an idea of topics to be discussed.
  1. Another feature that comes handy when you have to send a message to attendees of an event is “email guest”.This allows you to send an email to all attendees on something important for the meeting.
  1. Do you have an unconventional work schedule? You can set your working hours to alert people if they try to add you to a meeting that lies outside the range of hours.
  1. Also, The Google Calendar allows you to determine who sees your calendar, what they see and whether they have permission to edit.
  1. Need to have a meeting that involves people with busy schedules? The App has “suggested times” option which provides a list of times when every meeting guest, including you, is available with no conflicts.

Integration and Cross-Platform

The Google Calendar integrates well with other native cloud Apps like Drive, Contacts, Gmail and Hangouts.  You can access your Calendar from any device desktop, laptops, tablets and phones. It is also cross-platform so you can access it on any android or iOS device.

In as much as you might be impressed with all the cool features of the Google Calendar, it’s just one service of many under the Google G Suite. There are others like Drive, Meet, Sites, Classroom and more.

Use G Suite to go beyond Calendar

Hapaweb Solutions is an authorised Google G Suite partner in Ghana where you can purchase any of the Google G Suite Packages ie. Basic, Business and Enterprise. At Hapaweb we also provide all forms of support services to ensure you get the best out of the G Suite.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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