How to Choose the Right Website Platform for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Website Platform for Your Business

Every business is unique, with distinct online goals, products, and services. A one-size-fits-all website platform doesn’t exist.

Popular options include WordPress for blogs and local businesses, and Shopify for e-commerce. But there are many others, along with custom-built solutions. Don’t blindly pick a platform based on someone else’s recommendation, especially if their article is riddled with affiliate links.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a website platform:

Website Purpose

 What do you need your website to do? Simply showcase information, or sell products directly?

  • Online Presence: A WordPress site with a blog is sufficient for a basic online presence.
  • E-commerce: Shopify is a user-friendly option with affordable plans, perfect for selling directly to consumers.
  • Unique Needs: If you have special requirements, a custom build might be necessary.
  • No Blog or SEO: A simple single-page website might work for you.

Don’t get stuck with a platform that doesn’t meet your needs, or one that’s too complex.

Technical Expertise

 Consider your technical comfort level. Platforms differ in complexity. While you can learn most platforms, being comfortable with yours allows you to leverage its full potential.

A basic Shopify store won’t thrive if left unattended. Someone with technical knowledge can use analytics to drive sales, implement abandoned cart recovery, and upsell products.


You can set up a WordPress site for free, with a domain costing around $12 and shared hosting around $5 per month. On the e-commerce side, Shopify offers free templates with plans starting at $29 per month.

On the other end, a fully customized website with unique features could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t underestimate affordable options. Some large e-commerce brands run on Shopify and generate millions using the same platform available to you.

Design Customization

 How important is website customization? If you don’t need anything fancy, numerous themes are available. Both Shopify and WordPress offer free themes with some customization options. Paid themes, ranging from $39 to $200, provide access to sleek designs and features that you can adjust to your brand.

For complete customization with unique animations, you’ll need to hire a development team. This can be expensive, but for some businesses, it’s worth the investment.

Ease of Updates and Resources

 Popular platforms like Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce, Wix, and Squarespace all offer plenty of online resources, including tutorials and user-created content.

If you can’t afford an in-house development team, choose a platform with resources that you feel comfortable learning from. Today, you can find almost anything development-related on YouTube.

Choosing the right website platform is essential for your business success. Consider these factors to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals, technical skills, and budget. Whether you choose WordPress, Shopify, or a custom build, ensure it supports your business growth.

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