The 4 Different Kinds of Google Groups Explained!

Google G Suite provides diverse tools and/or services for collaborations but one of them which is right up there among the best is Google Groups. Why? Google Groups can be used to create an online group for your team, organisation, class or any other group for emailing, discussions, collaborations, meetings and more. Whats more? permissions […]

Google Meet: Everything you need to know!

Google Meet: Everything you need to know! Technology has revolutionised every aspect of our lives particularly in communication.There are tons of tools for video conferencing, instant messaging, emailing and more. Video conferencing services have developed to become one of the top types of communication tools. This is because it allows for arrangement of meetings regardless […]

The Versatility of Google Drive Explained- Part 1

Background Google Drive is arguably the most popular and versatile cloud storage available.  You’ve already got an account if you have ever used Gmail. Google offers everyone who signs up 15GB of free cloud storage which is used by Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos. The Drive can be used to store all your media and […]

A2Z on Google Calendar -Part 1

    Why we all need a Google Calendar In this era where lots of things are looking for your attention, keeping track of every aspect of your life and staying on top of it is far from just keeping a simple to-do list. Many of the things we note down are left undone because of “regular” emergencies. […]