Dec 232015

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest! What is gone wrong? I just installed a plugin into my WP site and boom the admin screen went blank white. If you have a situation like that, do not panic. Thanks to I was saved.

Follow the following steps if you are using a control panel.

1. Go to your cpanel and click on File Manager
2. Next, click ‘wp-content’ to open the folder
3. Rename “Plugins” Folder to “Plugins_Old”.
4. Create new empty folder called “plugins”
5. This will disable all the WordPress plugins.
6. Log into WordPress and verify that you no longer have the White Screen
7. Make sure all plugins are disabled.
8. Delete “plugins” folder you just created.
9. Rename “plugins_old” to “plugins”.
10. Log back into WordPress
11. Enable plug-ins one at a time to see which one was causing the issues.

By Gideon Brefo 


Jared 2009 ‘How to troubleshoot WordPress “White Screen” of Death.’ retrieved on 23/12/2015 from

Oct 302014

launch-websiteAs a website design company based in Ghana, one of the questions a number of out clients ask us is: How do I launch my new website. There’s really no ‘one size fit all’ answer as it depends on a number of factors ranging from the type of website, to the target market.
For the benefit of our clients, we have listed below links to some pretty good content on how to not only launch a new website but how to drive traffic to it as well.

  1. How to Launch a Website
  2. The Complete Guide to Launching a New Website
  3. How to Launch a New Website and Quickly Attract Traffic and Generate Sales
  4. How to Launch a Brand New Website (with a Bang!) – The Ultimate Guide
Jul 142013

By: Nicholas LaPolla

“Content is King! If you want a website to generate back-links and have quality content the search engines love, be sure to make it readable by both people and search engines. Search engines are working to give people quality results. Thus, they are looking for sites with quality content. So – by building site content for people, not only are you getting back to basics (information dissemination to people via the Internet), you are creating a site search engines will love. So, build sites for people – and the search engines will come.

When creating a new website or redesigning an existing site, there are four critical rules which should be followed to make the site effective, functional, loved by search engines – and successful.

1. Easy to Read

When building a website, the first thing you need to be sure of is that your website is easy to read. When you write content, remember that most web site visitors don’t read every word of a page – in fact, they only scan pages to find what they want.

Break up Your Content

Break up your pages and use headers between major ideas so people scanning your site can find what they want quickly. Use meaningful headers between each paragraph or major idea – this helps with SEO. Headers should be created with the H1 through H4 tags for SEO. Always use good writing structure. Additionally, avoid long paragraphs that run on. You should break up any long paragraphs.

Color and Fonts

To help readability, use high contrast colors between font and background. Black text against a white background may seem stark, but it is very readable. To make a website easy on the eyes, try an off-white background and a dark gray (almost black) text color.

Things to avoid with content color:

    • Avoid vibrant background colors like purple or yellow. Such back colors make text difficult to read.
    • Avoid using an image behind your text.
    • Avoid using bright text colors on bright backgrounds.

Fonts Matter

One simple statement covers the font issue:

Simple fonts are the best; the more fancy the font, the harder it is to read.

Since many browsers only have the standard font set, use standard fonts. In reality, there is no “standard”, but there are certain fonts that are installed on most browsers. These include Arial, Verdana, Tahoma and Times New Roman. Your readers will see something different than you see if you use other fonts.

Standard Compliant Browser for Development

When developing and testing your site, use a Standards compliant browser like FireFox. If you develop your site to be standards compliant, it will work in most browsers, including MS Internet Explorer (IE). It is recommended that you test your site using the latest and last browser versions of IE (IE6 and IE7). To run multiple versions of IE on the same machine, has a free installer that will install multiple versions of IE. It works great!

Keywords in Content

Of course, when writing content, not only should it be formatted to be readable, but it must also be consumable by not only people, but by search engines. One way to make the subject of the content known to search engines is to use the keywords that people use to search for your site in your content. Be sure to use keywords in your header tags, your first paragraph and throughout your text. The keyword density should be between 4% and 7% – but any more than that could 1) be hard to read and still make sense and 2) be considered spam by search engines and banned. Keywords should also be used in your TITLE tags and your Meta description.

2. Simplify Navigation

The menus and links make up the navigation that the visitor uses to get from page to page in a site. Always plan a site around how people will get from page to page. A visitor to your site should be able to get to what they want within three clicks of their mouse.

Multiple navigation points makes it easy to find things. Repeat the top menu and at the bottom. Also create a left or right menu.

Using links within your text to other areas on your site. You can create links so that they are good for search engine optimization (SEO). There are generally two ways to create links within your text:

    1. The wrong way: “For search engine optimization techniques, click here.”
    1. The right way: “Good techniques for search engine optimization are important to use.”

Using link text (anchor text) that describes what the link is about is the best way. Search engine web crawlers (programs that automatically index the contents of websites) visit your site, they “read” links. Spiders can index descriptive links into a subject or keyword category. Spiders have nothing to work with when reading a “click here” until it reaches the linked page.

This is Cross Linking – use it as much as possible when it makes sense to do so when writing your content.

3. Consistent Design

At most, one or two layouts should be used in your site design. As a reader browses your site, they should be able to get used to looking in the same place for your navigation, for your sub-navigation and for your content. That’s all there is to say about that.

4. Lower Page Weight is Better

Page weight is the total size of a page on your site in bytes – code, text and images. Your site’s page weight makes a big difference to your viewers. Lighter page weight is better for your readers because the page will download faster. The faster a page downloads, the faster they will get to the content.

What is Means to be Light

    • No large images.
    • Fewer images are better.
    • Optimize images for the web at no more than 72 dpi
    • Use as small an image dimension as possible for the given design.
    • Use a table td bgcolor attribute or a background-color style attribute for solid color backgrounds.
    • Make gradients horizontal or vertical (not diagonal) so that you can use a small image “strip” and repeat it.

How “Heavy” Should a Web Page be?

Certain studies show that 64K is a good maximum webpage size. 64K is a maximum, however it is still, in my opinion, really big! The smaller the page, the better. 25K is good, 15K is even better. There is a balance between design and function. It is a good idea to focus more on function.

Try putting pages on your web host server as you build your site so you can test it as you go. For pages online, you can test the page weight at to be sure you are on track.

Ways to make pages lighter:

    • Use linked style sheets
    • Use DIVs instead of TABLEs where possible
    • Use simple repeating backgrounds for effect


Visitors to your website should be able to find what they are looking for within about three clicks. Search engines should be able to navigate easily through your site. Making a site easy to read with consistent page design, and easy to navigate will make it easy to find information. When people can find information, they are more likely to refer your site or link to it – which is exactly what you want to encourage. You will be on the way to building a readable and hopefully successful website that is loved by search engines if you follow these principals.

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Author Bio

Nicholas LaPolla has been a web applications developer for 11 years. He created to help others build or improve, market, and monitize their websites with a focus on web design, website seo / internet marketing, and working to make money online.

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Jul 132013

By: Russell Brewer

Online commercial music is everywhere! New and innovative audio applications include background music for Podcasts, Flash developers, Backing tracks for video, Independent Films, Documentaries, Narratives, Animation Sequencing, Television/Radio – just to name a few. This broad market has opened due to the fact that copyright law prohibits the use of licensed music without the collection of royalties by traditional non-profit organizations such as ASCAP & BMI. Unsigned and unknown artists now have the opportunity to bring their music right to the end user, thereby bypassing the corporate entertainment machine.

No longer do the CEO’s decide what will be heard. Musicians today can utilize the Internet to bring fresh new products to a fertile market. This brave new world is a win-win for artists as well as music supervisors, project managers, and small companies seeking audio content on a budget.

Traditionally, companies requiring audio content would be required to go through conventional means, many times paying $1000’s to use small portions of audio. Today, there is a host of websites available that sell Royalty-Free Music for a one-time fee. Project managers can purchase Royalty-Free Music by the track or opt to obtain entire audio collections for a modest fee. Typically, fees range from $10-$20 per track or perhaps $50-$75 for albums.

One great company to check out is – Inner Rhythm Studios is a collective of artists that boasts a wide range of musical genres and styles. They sell Royalty-Free Music and music loops for programs like Sony Acid and Apple Garageband. Serving the online community since 2003, they have a very talented staff of musicians. Another great benefit of purchasing music online is the fact that most content is now available as a digital download! Inner Rhythm Studios allows visitors to listen to the collections before they buy. Once a collection is chosen, payment is processed through Paypal and the download begins. Instant content delivered in CD quality!

Here are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind when shopping for Royalty-Free Music online:

1.) How do the samples for the track that you are interested in sound? Today, it is possible to produce very high quality MP3’s for online review. If the samples sound low quality, then beware. There are some pretty shabby sites out there trying to pawn off substandard content. Let your ear make the decision.

2.) Make sure that contact information is easily available just in case you need technical support. Problems can occur when downloading and it is convenient to have an immediate response if trouble occurs.

3.) Know the format that you need. Online audio content is available in a variety of formats. From MP3 to .wav, Apple AIFF, or standard CD format – make sure that you communicate your needs to your online music provider.

4.) Check out their blog! Many commercial music sites today have interesting facts about their artists, the music, and the latest studio happenings.

5.) Read the license! All royalty-free music should come with a ‘read me’ file or a license agreement. Royalty-Free Music can be used in any project, but cannot be resold as music by itself. The content must be used in some sort of production. Most companies require an additional license for projects that sell in excess of 5000 units. Read the fine print!

6.) Join royalty-free music forums or sign up for a newsletter. If you work with audio on a consistent basis, it’s always nice to know what is new. Newsletters and forums can provide project managers with up-to-date libraries fresh out of production.

7.) Keep it real! There are some ancient collections out there! Make sure that what you are buying was’nt produced in 1987!

So there you have it! Remember, it’s all about the music!

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Author Bio

Russell Brewer – Sound Engineer and Webmaster – You are free to use this article on your website or in your ezine as long as you do use it in its entirety.

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Jul 122013

websiteBy: Shawn Davari

Psychology behind the colors that can make or break your website’s success.

Did you know that the values associated with colors can have a significant impact on your website’s success? And did you know that you can change your visitor’s feeling, mood and reaction by using different colors on your website?

Some professional web designers do not realize the impact that a single color can have on their project when designing a website for their clients. In reality, the meaning of colors will send the first message of your website to your visitors. You don’t have to be a genius to find out why since it is obvious that the first thing they (visitors) see is the color of your site!

I have studied one hundred visitors to evaluate their patience for uploading a web page. First, I tried a plain black background page and the average waiting time was up to 2.47 seconds. Then I tried a plain white background page and the average wait time for uploading the web page increased to 4.89 Seconds.

The reason is just fear. People are afraid from black and darkness and they feel vulnerable when they see a plain black page. I won’t go in detail about this subject in this article but if you would like to know more you can always visit our site at and get more information about color psychology.

What color should you use when designing your website?

Before answering this question you should do some research about your target audiences and find out about their character, behavior, mood, emotion … etc. I’m not asking you to go and find each individual and interview them to find out their feelings and emotions. All you need to do is find the answer of these two questions:

1. What is the market segmentation that you are targeting?

a. Age

b. Gender

c. Culture

d. Geographic location
2. Why are they coming to your website?

Let’s take a closer look at these two questions.

A. Market Segmentation:

a. Age: What is the most appropriate color for the age group that your website is targeting.

b. Gender: Men and Women have different taste and they react differently to colors. For example, the color pink is more appealing to women.

c. Culture: Colors mean different things to different cultures around the world. People associate colors to special events in their culture. For example, white is the symbol of purity and virtue in some cultures while in others white is associated with mourning and grief.

d. Geographic Location: Sometimes geographic location can change people’s interpretation of certain colors. For example, people that are living in a desert area tend to be more passionate toward bright colors from yellow to orange vs. people that are living in the mountains.

B. Why are they coming to your website?

a. That is a very important question which determines the mood and feeling of your visitors. For example, people go to a lawyer’s or a doctor’s website because they have a problem and they want to be FIXED. This means they are not really excited or happy about that issue. Although, this may not be the case all the time there are some exceptions such as plastic surgeons, patent attorneys… etc.

As a designer, once you know your target markets then you can decide what color to choose to get the best possible outcome for your site. Sometimes you may end up changing some colors that you thought would be interesting to your visitors.

Remember, no matter how much you know and how hard you try, there is no guarantee that you can make it the first time. That is why it is important to monitor the results of your website and know how visitors are interacting with your site so you can change your mistakes and learn from it.

Best Regards,

Shawn Davari

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Shawn Davari offers expert advice on internet marketing, website design, and search engine optimization. You can subscribe to 6 weeks FREE optimization workshop by visiting his website at California Web Designer where you will find a great deal of free information on Internet Marketing, SEO, and website design.

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Jul 112013

By: Balraj BaaLee

If you are using Google AdSense or any similar program for earning revenue from your web site, then it is high time you realize the secrets of earning high Click Through Rate hence high revenue from your web pages. If you keep following points in mind then you may be able to increase your revenue appreciably.

Page Content

• AdSense can’t interpret images without captions, the value of alt attribute in the img tag and surrounding text, so keep images to a minimum. If you are forced to use images, use proper captions and alt attributes.

• A single page of yours should have preferably same content to get more contextually relevant ads. Segregate pages having different content.

• Choose keywords on your page carefully. Certain keywords have a higher CPC.

Page Size

• Just have the right amount of content on your web page.

• If you have a large amount of content on any topic, still keep the pages short, because same amount of content spread over smaller pages make room for more pages. More pages mean more place for advertising meaning more revenue.

• However, keep in mind that if you breakup any article unnecessarily into more pages, it may be irritating to the viewer. Hence, choose placing your same type of content on different pages carefully e.g. If there is a natural break in the content, or the paragraph heading changes, the content may be spread over different pages.

• Keep the page width in mind. Cater for people who still keep their screen size to 800×600 or less. As far as possible, avoid requirement of horizontal scrolling.

Refresh Page Content Regularly

• Search engines really appreciate new content. Take a bit of effort to provide content that appears new. You may not be able to change the reference content however; you can have RSS feeds from relevant sites to refresh the content regularly.

• The idea behind fresh content is that people should keep coming back to your site again and again.

Ad Positioning

Studies have shown that ad positioning is crucial to content revenue generation. Positioning means the physical position of an ad on a web page, the size of the ad, and also which page(s) on a site carries an ad.

• You need to tweak your ads in terms of positioning regularly till a design that gives you the best CTR.

• Most studies show that ads positioned above the fold at the beginning of the page do better than ads lower on a page as the people don’t have to scroll down to read down your Ads.

• One major positioning issue is context. Position your ads in such a way that they are contextually relevant and generate a high revenue.

• Donot overload pages with Ads.

Ad Style

There is no secret formula to tell you that which AdSense color or color pallete will work best. Results are different for different sites and experimenting and monitoring the results may give the best option. You can chose two options that you can choose:

• Use the color palette to match your site, this way, some users may click on the ads because they think they are part of your site, not ads. Click here to see an example.

• Use a color choice that starkly contrasts with your site. Your ads will be more noticeable, and thus it is more likely that they may be clicked. Click here to see an example.

The end point is, you will have to constantly tweak your ads in terms of positioning and placement. If you can track your ads, nothing like it as you will be able to know which ads and pages are giving you a higher revenue so that you can use similar templates for other pages.

Author Bio

I have been in internet marketing business for more than a year now and have experienced considerable success. I am maintaining a website on money making sources and free tips at

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Jul 102013


If you are a business and expect to be taken seriously on the Internet, you need to shape up and project a professional image.

Please don’t think this is a request. This is a demand from the Ritalin-popping-immediate gratification-generation surfing the net (aka 95% of your potential customers).

I want to give you my money…
I want your products…
I want to trust you…

but, I’m afraid that is impossible now that I have seen your website.

Flashing sunshine and rainbows are pretty. As a matter of fact some of my most pleasant childhood memories involve sunshine and rainbows. Also, multi-colored colored text exclaiming “Welcome to my HoMe PaGe on the world-wide internetz!” makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Will you be my friend?
No, scratch that, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, but somehow I’ll get through this. “GULP”

I have put the sunshine and rainbows behind me and just as I am about to send my payment to you at “”, I think… Can I trust someone who uses an email address like that for their business transactions? Sure, my email address may be “EatinBaconNaked@whatever” but I am the customer, I can do that. Please for the love of all that is holy, just get an email address appropriate for business that is separate from your personal email.

And those animated icons that you send in your email, you know, the ones that make Outlook crash like it’s coming down off a Pop-tart induced sugar high? Yeah those, keep em’ coming.

Oh, and since I am your customer now, you have my permission to include me on your CC list of “friends” because I want to be in your life. OMG PONIES!!! ARE SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! ROFL.

While I’m on the subject, please learn the English language. I can’t seem to find a “Childish – to – English” translator on the web. So, for the remainder of our business transaction I am going to have to ask you to speak and write a language with actual words. Sure, I “LOL” all the time but really, when is the last time you seen anyone “ROFL” or “ROFLMAO”. Certainly, I would never “LMAO” when talking to one of my customers, but maybe I am just getting old…
BRB, I have to TMGARTF (Take my Geritol and read the funnies).

By the way, I enjoyed listening to the midi background music while I was browsing your website. Nothing gives me more confidence in you as a respectable business than an endlessly looping midi version of Metallica’s Enter Sandman.

FYI: Midis were cool for about three days in early 1994, and you missed the boat.

You should also know, some of the pages on your website won’t load in my browser. Is it possible that those pages don’t exist? Wait, what does that little sign say… “Please Excuse The Mess, This Website is Under Construction”. Don’t worry, I won’t mind the mess while your website is eternally under construction, I live in Michigan, I’m used to construction. I am also used to reading “Comic Sans” font in 48 pt type on an endlessly repeating 220 KB JPG background of clouds. That’s just what we do for fun here in Michigan in the two weeks every year when there are no beer tents to be found. We throw a little “Dom Casual” on some animated shooting stars when we want to mix it up a bit.

I remember how proud I was in explaining to girls how Netscape 3 was the first to support frames and how it was clearly superior to Internet Explorer. I died a little bit on the inside today when I somehow managed to find your website …and yes I was a lonely nerd, shut up.

FYI: Frames are generally considered a bad idea for more than a few reasons.
Accessibility – Frames are a nightmare for screen readers used by the visually impaired; however I suspect in the case of your website, they are the fortunate ones.
Search Engine Indexing – Search engines will want to index your pages that actually have text content, however, because of the frameset, your content pages probably don’t have any navigation links, thereby leading unlucky visitors in to sub-pages with no navigation.

Ah, but I forgot… you’re the “professional”. Let’s just make a flash intro page with a huge animation with little or no relevancy to your industry and a big link that says “CLICK HERE TO ENTER”. I guess that just fixes everything now doesn’t it? Better yet, why don’t you skip the enter link so we have to sit through your entire flash intro, that’s how to really impress your customers. Now, tell me, why doesn’t your website show up in the search engines? Must be some kind of conspiracy, yeah…

Is something following my cursor or is it my inner ninja just anticipating it’s every move? Scary.
I know there is a ninja/pirate joke in there somewhere but I’m too distracted by all the pretty colors.

Yes! I would like to set your website as my home page, thanks for reminding me! And, I would “Send this page to a Friend”, but all my friends are IRL (in real life).

Now, what was it you were selling?
Oh, I see, you’re a web developer. Well, isn’t everyone?

No, it’s all right, I’m not crying. I’m just allergic to Geocities.

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The author is a full time Web Developer for For a free no obligation Web Development Quote, visit Web Development Quote – This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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Jul 092013

By: Shawn M Hickman

It’s been several years since you had someone design your company web site and now it’s outdated. You are losing business to competitors that have quality designed web sites with great layout and navigation. This may be your first company web site and you want to make the most of your money and time.

How do you choose a quality web design company that will understand your companies’ objective for designing or redesigning this web site?

First, you need to answer a few questions.

1. What is your budget and time frame for completing the web design or redesign project?

2. Are you going to be using original content and pictures for building this web site?

3. If this is a website redesign, are you planning on getting updated images and content for this new look and layout or will you need the web design company to supply them for you?

4. Does any one at your company have basic editing skills and will they be able to update the website content or will this be an ongoing job for the web design company you hire?

5. Are you looking for a local web design company?

6. Do you already have an idea of your web design colors, layout, and navigation?

Knowing the answers to these questions, will help you when you locate the right web design company.

Now it’s time to find the right web design company for your needs. Go to Google and search for local web design firms and you will see how many results show. Take “web design orlando” for example: Results 8,860,000. Wow, there are a lot of results for “web design orlando”.

Don’t panic, you will probably find a company that can do the quality web design work you need in the first 50 results. Quality web design firms will have a portfolio of work online that will show an example of their custom web design work. Start at the first web design result on work your way down.

Examine the portfolio to see if there is anything equivalent to the web design layout you are imagining. You will be able to tell immediately if this web design firm is right for your company and its look and feel. Find out how long they have been in the web design industry and compare that to how many quality web sites they have designed in that time.

If this is a redesign, find out how many web site redesigns that have completed and ask to see the web site before and after the redesign.

Find out if they have the staff available to work on your entire web design needs and that they know the programming necessary to complete the job in a timely manner. Ask for references, a top end web design firm will be glad to offer up references on the web design work performed. Most web design references will be glad to talk to you about the quality job your potential web design company did on their web site.

Depending on your web design budget, it may help to several quality web design companies to talk to. You will want to get at least 3 estimates and it never hurts to have more.

Remember, when it comes to your business and your companies exposure on internet, take you time locating a quality web design company. Your future may depend on it.

Author Bio

By Shawn Hickman – Internet Marketing Manager

source: Web Solutions of America

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Web site design in Ghana, Website hosting in Ghana, create company website in Ghana, Design website in Ghana, Ghana website design company

Jul 072013

By: Craig Bucknall

As hard as it may be, but letting go of your website designing ideas and listening to the customer may actually be of benefit in the long run.

I know what you are saying, you’ve been in the web designing business long enough to know what works and wont doesn’t, what would my customer know? Well after approaching web design in the same manner, I’ve unfortunately had no other choice but to give in to my best laid plans and comply with the wishes of my customers.

Construction of good websites usually means that it has to be appealing to the eye, as well as being fully functioning for Search Engine benefits, but ultimately it must display professionalism for the business represented.

Complying with W3C Standards (W3C Markup Validation Service) for both HTML and CSS validation is paramount to good design and programming (but not necessary for good Google PR, I will discuss in later posts), so when designing we like to use base HTML formatting and CSS text font like Tahoma 11pt, to make neat easy to read text and nice page image layouts.

I will list some cases of where letting go has benefits for both parties involved and how in some circumstances actually resulted in little or no web traffic for the website.

Case Study 1. Architectural Firm flash and font matters

Our customer wanted the use of Flash elements to display several architecture images with a nice fade between images and changes to original CSS Font used Tahoma 11pt font and replaced with Century Gothic 11pt, which is used in all their logos and architecture design work.

As most would know embedding Flash files into your website results in W3C Validation undefined source failure, thus rendering the site Invalid Markup. After explaining this, the customer felt the need to have a nice graphical flash style image far outweighed the importance of quality valid HTML Transitional Markup. To them the appearance and perception of their website to their customers was far more advantageous than complying with the W3C.

In addition they wanted the use of the Century Gothic font rather than Tahoma. By design Century Gothic has a much larger font height than Tahoma and when used increased the page height larger than when using Tahoma thus resulting in the site displaying with scroll bars when view under 1024 x 768 resolution, where previously it fitted in the whole page perfectly.

In the end the customer achieved the desired affects they wanted and ultimately it is the customer who ‘always’ knows best.

Case Study 2. Box supplier becomes boxed in

Our customer had started a new business supplying cardboard boxes for moving and packing. They wanted a simple site with heavy graphical image elements and little or no text on the home page.

Explaining to the customer the role of text based search engines results and that having no ‘readable text’ on the home page would limit their visibility, they choose design over results.

Why you may ask would a company limit their possibilities of being found on search engines? Well the question still burns with us too, but as mentioned earlier the ‘customer always knows best’ and the decision was solely theirs to make.

Their philosophy was simple, their website was purely to be used as a reference guide and not the source of extra business, as their marketing strategies would be enough to garner constant business.

To this day I still wonder why they limited their marketability and in particular their website which is always online and can be searched at all times of the day.

So in summary the best laid plans of mice and men (well in this case web designers) can be a utter waste of good management as what I have stated all along that the ‘customer always knows best’ and ultimately they are the ones paying for your service so sometimes its best to lay down your guns and concede defeat.

Author Bio

Craig Bucknall is the owner and Managing Director of the Sydney based Website Design studio Bullie Graphics. They have been producing quality website design for Australian businesses since 1999.

You can view his website at

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Jun 162013

1.    Your Competition Has A Website.
If you are in direct competition with another business that has a website, they have a clear advantage – especially if they are adequately marketing their website.

2.    Your Customer are Online
Over 3.5 million Ghanaians access the internet, sooner or later; someone’s going to type your name or business into a search engine. What do you want them to find? Nothing, or worse yet, your competition? These are people who want to find you. They are looking for what you are selling, and if you don’t have a website then you’re letting them down – they expect to find you online. Can you run your business without a phone? In this “Information Age” we live in being online is vital.

3.    You’re Open 24/7.
A website will allow you to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week… Many people surf the Web in the evening when most businesses are closed, but if you have a website they can find you. Is your competition open 24 hours a day, seven days a week? The world is your oyster – especially with a website, which allows your communication with audiences worldwide. Geographical locations or time zones are no longer a problem with the 24/7 availability of a website.

4.    Increase Your Revenue.
With a website, you can create an online store which allows customers to place orders and even pay for their selections all via the internet. This all happens without your involvement once the website is designed and online. Your website can act exactly like a catalogue, and contain photographs and descriptions of the products or services your – or it can be more advanced and make use of some of the emerging technologies- including audio and video to fully demonstrate your products and services.
5.    Affordable and Expandable Marketing.
When you compare the price of a website to the expense of creating and distributing more traditional forms of marketing materials, like newspapers and magazine ads- the cost of a website is nominal. One of the best features of a website is that you can quickly and easily change information as it changes within your business. Unlike printed materials that need to be revised and then reprinted at cost; a website allows you to change or add products and services as often as you wish in just a few steps. Also, when a website is designed well, when people type in related search terms into a search engine, your website will come up in the listings for free and allow a prospective customer to find you.