1. I googled for my website name, as it is the norm here without success. Instead I had to type the entire url in. Can you optimize my site in Google Searches?

When it comes to SEO there are three things involved:

  1. What the developer or SEO expert can do
  2. What the developer or SEO expert cannot do
  3. The competition

What the developer should do:

What the developer cannot do.

The big truth is that success with search engines come when you have quality content on your website. Please take a moment and read these two articles (my favorite on SEO)

After reading these articles you will see that getting your site high on Google really depend much on the content you put on the website.

The competition

These are people/companies who offer the same product as you do or have the same name as you do. In our case we are always competing with a company called www.hapa.com for top spot on Google. Although we do not offer the same products/services as www.hapa.com we compete with it on the basis of the similarity of our name (i.e hapaweb). On the basis of products/service we compete with different websites, for example, when people search for ‘Bulk SMS in Ghana’, we compete with smsgh.com , if people search for ‘Website design in Ghana’ we compete with www.webdesignghana.org. In your case the competition may be even bigger.

As you will notice from reading the two articles posted above, the developer and SEO expert can build the foundation but true success on SEO take at least a year…and this happens when the site owner is providing quality content on the website.

I hope this helps explain the SEO issues.