User Training

G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Work)
What Cloud Computing Is
Google Apps Explained
How to Setup a Personal Gmail Account
Gmail Introduction & Overview pt. 1
Gmail Introduction & Overview pt. 2
Creating & Sending an Email
What Conversation View Is
Replying to Emails
Working with Attachments pt. 1
Working with Attachments pt. 2
Working with Attachments pt. 3
Using Stars
Change Inbox View / Priority Inbox pt. 1
Change Inbox View / Priority Inbox pt.  1
What Archiving Is
Using Labels
Searching for an Email
Creating Filters & Mailbox Rules
Using Chat
Using Hangouts
What the People Widget Is
Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Change Your Gmail Theme & Button Labels
Adding an Email Signature
Using Out of Office
Delegating Access to Your Mailbox
Creating a Send as Email Address
Using Mail Forwarding
Set Your POP & IMAP Access Settings
Using Gmail Labs
Gmail Offline
Changing Your Gmail Password
Google Contacts Introduction & Overview
Adding a New Contact
Using Personal Contact Groups
Finding & Merging Contacts
How to Delegate Access to Your Contacts
Tasks Introduction & Overview
Adding & Using Tasks
Google Calendar Introduction & Overview
Creating a New Event
Creating a New Event Using Gmail
Using Quick Add
Creating & Using Multiple Calendars
Sharing Your Calendar
Enable Offline Google Calendar AccessEnable Offline Google Calendar Access
Adjust Calendar Settings & Keyboard Shortcuts
Adjust Reminders & Notifications
Using Google Calendar Labs
Searching for an Event
Responding to Calendar Invites
Transfer an Event to Another Use
Google Drive Introduction & Overview
Installing Google Drive App on Your Mac
Installing Google Drive App on Your PC
Creating & Using Folders
Searching for Your Files
Uploading & Converting Files
Document Settings / Memory Status / Keyboard Shortcuts
Emailing Files as Attachments
Sharing Files with Others
Emailing Collaborators with Updates
Using Revision History
Creating & Filing Documents
Creating & Using Templates
Using Revision History
Exporting Documents & Available Formats
Page Setup / Header & Footer
Inserting Images & Objects
Formatting Text & Setting Defaults
Translating Your Document & Using Spell Check
Set Up Smart Quotes & Word Substitution
Inserting & Using Tables in Documents
Commenting & Using Chat in Documents
Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Creating a New Presentation
Using Presentation Themes & Templates
Export Presentations & Available Formats
Creating & Importing Slides
Insert Images & Objects
Using Presentation Effects
Using Presentation Effects
Presenting & Adding Notes
Creating a New Spreadsheet & Using Templates
Export Spreadsheets & Available Formats
Using Formulas in Spreadsheets
Inserting & Formatting Graphs
Protecting Cells & Ranges
Creating & Editing a Form
Reviewing & Exporting Form Results
Sharing & Collaborating Using Forms
Creating a Pre-Filled URL
Using Notification Rules for Forms
Google Groups Introduction & Overview
Creating a Google Group
Change Your Group Permissions
Adding / Removing Members & Changing Their Roles
Disable / Restore / Reset Your Group
Google Apps Administration Console
Adjust Your Gmail Settings
Adjust Your Google Calendar Settings
Adjust Your Google Contacts Settings
Adjust Your Groups for Business Settings
Reset a User Password
Update Corporate Logo & Colors
Review Google Apps Usage
Course Wrap up