Nov 132014

After signing up for Google, you will need to verify ownership of your domain

STEP 1: Log in to your Google Apps admin console via

STEP 2 Click on the Verify Domain button – see image below


STEP 3: Click on the Begin Verification button



STEP 4: Click on the Alternate methods tab


STEP 5: Select the HTML file upload button and click this HTML verification file link to download the file.



STEP 6: Log into your domain’s hosting cPanel via

STEP 7: Click on File Manager icon


STEP 8:  If the directory selection pop up box appears (it may not appear) select WebRoot(public_htm/www) and click the GO button.


STEP 9:  Ensure you are at public_html. Click on the Upload icon


STEP 10:  Tick the necessary boxes to ensure the file permission is set at 755


STEP 11:  Click on the Choose File button and then find the downloaded Google file


STEP 12:  Once the file is uploaded you will see the “complete” message


STEP 13:  Return to the Google apps admin console and click on the Verify button



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