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When you eat your favourite food and it tastes so good, you just want to go for an extra bit, isn’t it? It is similar to the relationship many people developed with reputable newspapers in the past.

So historically, the phrase “Extra extra, Read All about It” was a reference to special editions of newspaper printed outside the normal publishing schedule.

And being “extra,” it carried sensational reports or information that arrived too late to be published in the usual edition. This may include disasters, results of judicial trials or some government decisions with wide-ranging effect.

Newspaper Vendors developed the culture of shouting “Extra extra, Read All about It” to attract readers to buy the extra print and get informed.


Newspapers are either dead or dying fast

But even as newspaper go the way of the dinosaurs, many, especially in developing countries around Africa may not realised that newspapers started dying many decades ago, thanks to technology.

In the early 1930s, Joseph Pulitzer said: “radio beats the newspaper extra in speed, accuracy, and public convenience.”

Today, the reality of that statement (or prediction) is more than true as Social Media components of the Internet enables news to spread faster than ever before.

Who wants to listen to radio constantly and endure the painful sounds of adverts when you can catch up with current affairs on Twitter, Facebook, etc. And if you missed the breaking news, you can always still read, listen or watch on Social Media on all kinds of devices.

What’s more – the smart mobile device in just about everyone’s hand has become a most power tool, more powerful than entire Libraries.

It is enormously powerful as a tool both for input and output functions. Think about that: “input and output functions”

Who ever thinks the printed newspaper business has a future is living in the past. Anyone in the publishing business with half a brain is already on the Internet, making their content either freely available or as a paid service.

To be fair, there might actually be some newspapers that print and distribute exclusively on paper because their environment dictates it. Such environment, if it exists, is a sad reality.

The paper-only publishing is a smooth path to extinction.

Please tell this “breaking news” to such Publishers and Investors, that “paper-only publishing is a smooth path to extinction.”

Newspapers are no longer the favourite destination for news and information – or current affairs. Millions are turning away from it.

Social Media

Alive and Well: Social Media

“Extra extra, Read All about It” is dead and about to be buried.

It was destroyed by Technology, and Technology is not going to jail.

Technology is free, and is roaming all around us. It has no fixed address, but you can find it anytime, anywhere.


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  1. Very true. I like the reality of the story

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