Feb 112015

The traditional ways of teaching in the classroom is quickly fading out in most of the advanced countries. Most schools are shifting old face-to-face teaching and learning methods to electronic or online means. The teacher and student do not need to meet face-to-face for learning to take place.

Though Ghana is lagging behind in terms of access to the internet but schools like St. Louis, Okess, Kofi Agyei SHS, OT, Juass, KTI and Simms are raising their heads up to be leaders in using ICT in teaching and learning. The IT heads from these schools and some four others were invited to St. Louis SHS to be trained on using Google Apps for education in their school.

They were taken through the management of the administrative panel of Google Apps. These will in turn assist in the training of other teachers and staff when Hapaweb Solutions goes into their individual schools to implement Google Apps.


Jan 152015

Wow, there could even be some joy found in dealing with a fewer number of trainees at an event. Only about 20 out of 80 people responded to and attended the Accra Event at British Council.

Date: 16th December 2014

Venue: British Council Auditorium


Present: Albert, Ben,Gideon, Mandi and Nathan

Participating Schools: 9 out of 40 invited (http://goo.gl/70Mk5F ).


Topics Discussed: EGD program, G Apps in teaching and learning, Classroom, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, HapaSIS (Sch. Management Software), Case Study of Al-Rayan International School and British Int. Sch, Ghana

Some schools arrived very early for the programme. While that was most adorable, the general attendance was poor. Most schools had their timetables changed abruptly. Hence, they were still writing exams on the 16th December, 2014- the day scheduled for the event. This made it impossible for them to be present at the event.

Introduction by Mandi Nanga ( Technical Program Manager)

The event opened with an introduction from Mandi. He explained how the Education Go Digital (EGD) program. He spoke of what has been done in other countries with regards to EGD. He also talked about why subscribing to EGD programs by schools are beneficial.


Attendees were taken through how the various Google Apps (Classroom, Gmail, Drive, Calendar) can help make teaching and learning more effective. Some documents were given them to continue the learning (http://goo.gl/WpHmTV ). The attendees were given the opportunity to practise what they learn. There were activity sections where each attendee used a Google App.

Al-Rayan International School and British Int. Sch, Ghana are already using Google Apps in their schools. Each of their IT personnel demonstrated how they use Google Apps in their schools and the benefits that have resulted by deploying and using G Suite for Education (Formally Google for Education) (Formally G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Education)).


  • Though the attendance was very low as explained at the outset, participation in discussions and demonstrations was very good. This is shown in the feedback here (http://goo.gl/55E5i8 )
  • Some attendees were concerned about security issues
  • All the attendees saw an immediate need to deploy Google Apps in their schools
  • Internet connectivity was still a concern for some schools



  • The event will be repeated at Accra to allow for more schools to attend
  • All the nine schools that came expressed an interest in using Google Apps
Jan 152015

Hip hip hip hurayyy! 😆  The Kumasi Event was a success.

As usual of Ghanaian, the response to the invitation sent for the event was very slow. Most of the times we thought we would not get people to come. But hey, we got over 60 people attending out of the 80 we expected.

By 9:00, most of the representatives from the school had arrived. Registration and welcoming of participants run very smoothly. Participants included heads of institutions and heads of ICT departments of those institutions.

Participants were taken through the Education Go Digital (EGD) program-this replaced The G Suite for Education (Formally Google for Education) (Formally G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Education)) Program under the name GASP. They were enlightened on how they can benefit from subscribing to it. Participants were given links to EGD success stories and various opportunities they could take advantage of to improve education.

A demonstration of how technology is changing teaching and learning was made to all present. Mention was made of how G Suite for Education (Formally Google for Education) (Formally G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Education))  especially is making it easier to improve the teacher-learner experience, enhance collaboration amongst students and with their teachers, and the impact G Suite for Education (Formally Google for Education) (Formally G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Education))  has on teachers interfacing with students.

Michael of St. Louis Girls Senior High School gave an impressive experience with Google Classrooms  in his school. Though it has not yet become a school wide teaching tool, he recounted a setback in giving assignments to students while they are on vacation. He narrated that he asked the students to submit their assignments via email. Since most of them didn’t have emails, they used that of their parents or siblings. In the end, he could not identify to whom most of the submitted assignments belonged to. He has learnt the use of Google Classroom with his ICT club and intends to use that for their assignments this vacation.

A hands on section was held using Classroom, Groups and Gmail. Internet connection was slow and went off at some points but most were able to participate in the hands on section.

Some schools had real concerns that makes it difficult to take advantage of ICT in teaching and learning but they were happy to learn there was such a helpful tool as Google apps for education that  they could take advantage of. This is shown in the feedback received.


  1. 29 out of the 40 schools invited came. Some of the invited schools did not fill the registration forms online but were present.
  2. Participation was very good and the representatives were amazed at what they could do with Google apps, especially Classrooms.
  3. Internet as usual was an issue. However because we had back ups, we could keep the event going.
  4. There were concerns about how this big change can take place in their schools since connectivity is either low or nonexistent.


The event was a success. Most participants walked away wishing they could use the apps to teach their students the next day. They were excited to know about EGD. Ten schools already requested for the Google Apps Deployment and Training. Some wanted to discuss it with their school’s management before they sign up.



Apr 062014

Google-Apps-for-Business-bannerHapaweb Solutions, a fully Ghanaian owned company has added G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Work) to its services portfolio. The company which has over the past few years been very active in providing G Suite for Education (Formally Google for Education) (Formally G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Education)) to universities and senior high schools in Ghana has now become a G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Work) Authorized Reseller so as to provide the benefits of Google Apps to Ghanaian businesses.

G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Work) offers a broad set of powerful applications that enables businesses of any size to deliver innovative cloud-based solution hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs while reducing IT cost.

With Gmail (including Google email security and retention, powered by Google Vault), Google Calendar, and Google Sites, users can stay connected and work together with ease. With Google Docs and Google Drive, which include word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and website creation tools, users can share files and collaborate in real-time, keeping versions organized and available wherever and whenever users work.

Hapaweb Solutions as an authorized reseller provides deployment, API integration, migration and training in the management of Google Apps to IT administrators of businesses as well as user training for their staff.
For more information on Hapaweb’s Google Apps offer please visit www.hapaweb.com or call 0208124614 / 0208137081 / 0200447661

Jun 252012

Private schools in Kumasi who have signed up for our Digital School Results  now have the chance of benefiting  from our amazing and affordable  Digital School Package.Schools that sign up for the DSP(Digital School Package) get  an edu.gh website designed for the school with an annual renewal of domain and hosting.The DSP(Digital School Package) also includes a free social network platform built on the website,free configuration and migration onto Google Apps for education with Gmail,Google Calender,Google Docs(Google Drive) and Google Sites.As part of the package Hapaweb Solutions will train up to 5 users for free.Our Bulk SMS service is also included in the DSP(Digital School Package),schools which have signed up get 5 free messages to each  parent per term.Alot of schools in Kumasi are embracing this exciting offer and we keep getting very good feedback from the schools.Get  your school on board now…..