Our Objectives


Company objectives

We have three key objectives that focus on IT communication systems, online working trainings and contributing to ICT in schools.

Communication systems

To provide affordable and interactive IT communication solutions to businesses and individuals so as to enhance business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships. This objective is achieved mainly through our derivative products and services within our core operational areas of Website design and Mobile applications.

Working online

To collaborate with local and international organisations to train people to have internet based skills and avenues to use this skills to earn income by working online. This objective is achieved primarily through our website design trainings which provides participants employable online skills and also through trainings on the use of platforms such as oDesk and E-lance where they will find jobs and earn income.

ICT in schools

To supplement the teaching of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within schools by providing practical training in the area of web technology, generate interest in young people in the area of computer science, especially in web technology and on-line applications, provide schools without websites, a dynamic Content Management Software (CMS) website to drive their online presence. This objective is achieved primarily through our Free Digital Schools Project which designs websites for schools, ran teachers and students trainings and implementation open source platforms such as Ubuntu, Open Office, Google App for Education and WordPress in schools.

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