Free Digital Schools Project


As part of our corporate social responsibly, Hapaweb started the Free Digital Schools Project in 2011 up to 2013.

  • In the year 2011, Hapaweb Solutions spent GHS 9,000 to support 6 schools on the project.
  • In the year 2012, Hapaweb Solutions spent GHS 11,000 to support 10 schools on the project.
  • In the year 2013, Hapaweb Solutions spent GHS 21,000 to support 15 schools on the project.

The key objectives of the project are:

  • To supplement the teaching of ICT within schools by providing practical training in the area of web technology.
  • To generate interest in young people in the area of computer science, especially in web technology and on-line applications.
  • To identify and coach interested and talented young people wishing to make a career in web technology.
  • To provide schools without websites, a dynamic Content Management Software (CMS) website to drive their online presence.
  • Introduce and support schools with the implementation of open source platforms such as Ubuntu, Open Office, Google App for Education and WordPress.

Project Implementation Process in Schools

The implementation of the project is in three phases:

  • Phase One: Building of dynamic websites for schools
  • Phase Two: School based web design and Google App education training for selected teachers and students.
  • Phase Three: Put results of students online.

Phase One

Hapaweb Solutions will initially build a free website for each school using WordPress, an open source CMS. The website will have the following:

  • Fully Cpanel and SQL hosting along with custom domain names worth GHS 1,000 (+ GHS 500 yearly maintenance fee).
  •  School email system with customised email address for all staff and students e.g. .

Phase Two

The training will take the selected tutors and students through the process of building and managing a dynamic school website built in WordPress and also managing Google App for Education suites such as email, school management software etc.

The selected tutors and students will undergo the training which will cover:

  • Introduction to Google App for education
  • Introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Introduction to WordPress CMS.
  • Building and managing WordPress websites.

At the end of the training the students will be able to update content onto the school’s website without the need of the Hapaweb Solutions and tutors will be able to approve students’ content before they go live.

Phase Three

Using G Suite for Education (Formally Google for Education) (Formally G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Education)), the entire school population is given email address on their school’s domain name. A bridge application is written to bridge the school’s school management software with the website to enable parents and students access results online.

Project financing

Both the building of the website and the running of the training are at no cost to the schools. Hapaweb Solutions cover’s the cost as follows:

  • Website design cost of GHS 1,000 covered by Hapaweb Solution’s CSR budget.
  • Yearly hosting, domain, upgrade and maintenance cost of GHS 500 covered by third party sponsorship.
  • Hapaweb Solutions does seek third party sponsorship to cover the yearly fees related to the websites. As part of this process,  we are required to display a 300×250 ad of the sponsor on the websites. An example of a sponsor’s ad on a website can be viewed here at


So far 10 schools in the Ashanti region have benefited for the project, namely:

NoName of SchoolSite AddressRegionMonth and Year Joined
1Kumasi Technical Institute 2011
2Kumasi Anglican Senior High School 2011
3Yaa Asantewaah Girls’ Senior High School 2011
4St Louis Girls’ Senior High School 2011
5Osei Kyeretwie Senior High School 2011
6Kumasi Academy 2011
7Prempeh College 2012
8Kofi Agyei Senior High Technical School 2012
9Kumasi Secondary High Technical School 2012
10Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High School 2012

Contact Us, if you will like to be part of this project.