Company Brief



Hapaweb Solutions is a Ghanaian Information Technology (IT) company with offices in Accra and Kumasi. The company started operations on 10 October 2010 as a pilot project in Kumasi. A year later on 10 October 2011 it was made a subsidiary of Hapa Rafiki. In  June 2012, Hapaweb Solutions was registered as a separate limited liability company with its head office at Asokwa Kumasi. In February 2017, the head office was moved to Spintex Road in Accra.

Area of operation

As an IT company, our focus is centred on the application of information technology both within the business and individual context. Our core areas of operation within the IT industry are in the areas of Web and Mobile applications. All our products and services are either derivatives or a combination of derivatives of these two areas.

Mission and tagline

What we do and how we do them is based solidly on our mission, which is ‘A free sustainable project’ and our Tagline; ‘Driven by pure passion’. Our goal of being a company that will make an impact on Africa through the use of technology is hugely based on our mission and tagline, these two represents what we believe and why we exist as a company.


Our mission has made us a company that believes in good rather than in cash, we do things because of the effect and impact it will have on others and not because of the money we can make off them. However, we are not a charity organisation thus we do have commercial products and services from which we generate funds to support our social goals and make us sustainable. Yet even with our commercial products and services we still think free before cash.